Monday, March 20, 2006

I am driving in my car, I have just passed a Cumberland farms store and as I am driving over the salmon falls river, I see a man who looks to be in his late thirties early forties running away from the store and entering the sidewalk on the bridge. He has tucked under his left arm a twelve pack of beer. My first thought was he is in a hurry to get home and start partying, but as he nears the middle of the bridge, I watch in amazement as he flings the twelve-pack up over the rail. My last sight as I drove on was of the beer sailing through the air and the man doing an about face and starting to run back the way he came...

Why did this man fling the beer into the river? Make up a story based on the above sketch.

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arithwyn said...

Damn! He was running late, forgot what day it was. Well, maybe they'll forgive him. He wanted to stay, wanted to join his buddies for a drink, but life moves along and he had pressing issues to take care of. Let the boys party without him.

The wife didn't understand. Wives never do. He remembered John complaining about that that night and how Manny agreed. Wives never understood about boys' night out.

He hurried back to his car. It was cold. Was it so cold on that other night? He couldn't remember. He had stayed home with a sick kid.

He should've been there. Maybe the outcome would've been different. Even now, he was forsaking his buddies to once more attent to his family.