Monday, April 20, 2009


The sun rises in a pale sky. The crescent moon now hides. Birds chirp their happy songs… the harmony broken by the discordant squawk of a blue jay. Frost lies on the field grasses and the water in the bird bath is frozen. Soon, though, the sun’s warmth will transform the day.
Early flowers are blossoming in others’ gardens while here it is slow. With my yard surrounded by trees, the sun only penetrates for a few hours. I’ve been raking and my body is suffering the strain of unusual activity. The results are worth it and the discoveries found after removing leaves and debris are exciting.
I was never much of a gardener and since moving here, my attempts are sporadic. This property is too big for me to maintain alone and I have to rely on help from good friends. Still, I love the plants and flowers. I am amazed how the growth can change day to day and I try to walk around every day taking note of the colors bursting forth.
The lawn isn’t as green and vibrant as when we first moved in three years ago but yesterday’s raking has given it new life. I was surprised that a short time after clearing the area, the ground looked more green.
There’s holes… tunnels… Does this mean something will be getting to my flowers? I know we have grubs and the soil probably needs some good fertilizer.
Yes, I like my gardens and enjoy the colors and fragrances of flowers, but most the time, I’d rather be inside. Since living here, I have been making a gardening journal. Each year it has evolved, as has the garden. Every week or two, I take pictures and notes then put them together in an album. It’s quite interesting to mark the growth from shoots first bursting from the ground til the plant goes to seed.
Some of the gardens are old and overrun by day lilies, lilacs, and vinca. Division is definitely needed. I’ve done a little but get distracted easily. Then there are new flowers to buy and plant and another garden area to develop. One of my goals is to turn areas where the grass doesn’t grow well into flower gardens. I’d much rather have flowers than areas to mow.
And right now, the beauty of the morning is calling. Perhaps I’ll go against norm of writing and picture work and head outside early.

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