Saturday, June 23, 2012

Designing art studio/living space

Living the Life of an Artist

Why do studios always have to be relegated to out buildings, back rooms, or basements? I know, for most people there are others living in the house and life often revolves around family. I no longer have those issues.

My art is my life. I live for my art. I want my living space to reflect that. Well, it does, but I want it better. Because I do my work in the main part of the house, my home always has the artists’ look with chaos and mess. That’s mostly because my current situation doesn’t allow for an immediate “home” for the supplies and tools with which I work. Some of my work space is on the second floor and some in the basement. However, the majority of what I do is centered at the dining area table and there are not enough storage areas for all my equipment.

How can I design my current space as an art studio? I can’t really. The layout of this house and what is already established is typical for family living. It is not conducive for putting computer, printers, easels, and other equipment and supplies that go with all that I do.

My dream is to design my living space around my art and MY life. I live alone so my work would not encroach on someone else’s space or take up family areas. Why couldn’t I design my home around my art and how I work? My life IS my art and I love what I do. I want my living space   centered around that.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I need, how I would like things set up, the position of windows, shelving, cabinets, and counters, etc. I need to have things that are easily accessible because I’m the type of person that will not take the time to go searching for those things that I know are “somewhere” in a box or buried in a closet. The most difficult aspect of developing space is that I work in multiple media. There are painting, photographic, and charcoal supplies and all that entails, plus more.

There’s no sense in putting money into design right now because I am going to have to sell my current home and downsize within the next year. I am hoping to find someone who will be able to put my dream into a concrete design and reality in my new home. (‘Course it’s frustrating to have to wait to sell and search. I am no good with real estate and all that comes with moving.) Of course, it’s hard to visualize a layout without knowing what the house will look like, but I continue to dream… and plan…

What would you visualize as the perfect art studio?

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