Friday, August 26, 2016

Traveling to Wichita -- Day 2

Day 2 

I’m up at 3:45 a.m. My mind kept “writing” all night and now I just can’t think. I struggle with the writing between the journal and the blog and in the end, the blog isn’t done. But I’m done here and ready to move on.

It’s raining and 75 degrees when I leave the hotel. I’m upset by the exorbitant hotel costs. It’s not fair when I’m just passing through and I’m not here for the state fair or freshman orientation.

What amazes me are the huge billboards along the thruway that are way across fields. How is that safe driving trying to read those? One caught my eye about the Niagara Falls Museum. From what I could see, it sounds like it’s right on I-90. That would be cool. Maybe I will go to the falls.

I reach Buffalo, see a sign that says: I-290 Niagara Falls, and choose to stay on I-90 and all my attention is on the driving. I HATE driving through Buffalo! It’s a nightmare and I totally miss out on Niagara Falls.

Then there is the toll in Buffalo. It cost me $6 plus to get from Syracuse to this point and then a mile or so down the road is another ticket booth and at the last toll booth it cost me another $3. The entire thruway system from Albany to past Buffalo cost $16.05 (counting the two times I got off). Oh, I so want to find another way home, but to do so would mean I wouldn’t do Niagara Falls.

Today was a day of long, boring driving with not much to look at. I did see a few barns and silos that so catch my fancy and I even get a photo of one. I stop for lunch at a Golden Corral which offers a huge buffet. There are tons of choices. It’s not spectacular food, but you can fill up for a reasonable price.

One highlight of the day is that both Pennsylvania and Ohio have real visitors’ centers. I pick up maps and brochures. I consider doing a 13-mile drive around Presque Isle in Erie, Pa., as the lady at the visitor center suggested, but I stay on I-90W.

I end up in Painesville, Ohio, for the night. The first thing I do after dropping my gear in the room is to change into a bathing suit and head to the indoor pool. Oh, that feels so good after the 90 degree heat outside. I spend 15 minutes constantly moving. I’m back in my room a little after 4 p.m. and settle in to check messages and work.

This room is small and cramped with two queen-sized beds. It’s doable for the night. It would definitely be tight if two people were staying here.

I’ll sleep well tonight.

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