Friday, March 20, 2009

Here I am again near the end of another month and my mind is racing with all the things that I need to do. I cannot do things ahead of time. There's something about being in the moment. Newsletter articles are held off in case more information comes in. I've put off cleaning out the copy machine although I did finally contact the company about an owners manual (was told that it is not available but I was able to download directions on how to change the toner.)
As I've said many times, my work energy is in the mornings as long as I am able to avoid interruptions and contact with anyone. Once I am distracted, I am unable to focus further. I sometimes wonder if I took a nap after lunch would I be more ambitious in the afternoons. If I pushed myself harder, I would accomplish more but when the moment comes, I make the choice to play a game with Ma or sit and read.
Lately my mornings have been scheduled with other appointments. Ma has had doctors' appointments and I've had to do shopping. Unfortunately, what put me further behind this week was that I had to make a second run to Concord to make an exchange and that trip turned into an all day affair.
Deadlines, deadlines... I'm not too worried about the news articles. I can do them up fairly quickly once I sit down to write them. However, I do have to make a phone call to get information on a story and that'll be a challenge. The major event this coming week is to have the drawings and photographs for the art show ready to hang. I haven't done the little write ups to go with each picture, yet, and looking at my schedule, all the mornings but Sunday and Thursday are taken up. Uh, oh.
What about this week's writing group? Oh, I am not prepared and instead of doing this blog, I should have taken the time to do that... but I am somehow feeling I need a little break from writing. It happens.
The Healers Group has been busy, too, and is growing. We are talking about starting another group; keeping our Tuesday nights as our healers' support group and opening another day/night to do group healings and teaching.
The brush pile is also on my mind. Snow is melting quickly and that pile needs to be burned. I am not looking forward to that. It makes me very nervous as the pile is quite large and I will not do it alone. Last year, the burn smouldered for a long time and I was very uncomfortable. I worry that it will get away or that the smoke will bother the neighbors.
It needs to be taken care of soon. With the melting going on, all the limbs that came down this past December from the ice storm have made the yard a mess. That needs to be cleaned up before I can rake or start working with plants and the debris cannot be added to the current brush pile.
You know, though, I look through this rambling and laugh at myself. If this is all I have to worry about, life is pretty darn good! I look out the window at the bare ground and my feet want to be out there. When I get downstairs and see the snowbank I'd have to crawl over... guess the bare spots will wait a few more days. Maybe I'll even pick up the phone today and put in a call to ask about a fire permit.

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