Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our healing group is really taking off. The bi-weekly Tuesday night meetings have evolved into weekly and we have had a couple of occasions where we've met with a Native American healer. I don't know whether to call him shaman or medicine man. I'm not fond of titles because they seldom say the whole truth and I am not sure that he even uses those terms.
We are all very excited. The group is helping us explore various healing techniques and giving opportunity to work on each other so we can hone our skills. I particularly love that we can talk about anything and our conversations can range from daily stressors to spirit guides... whatever. For some, this is a totally new experience and for others, it is validation for things we have always felt.
While the group is expanding spiritually, we have had to limit size. It is important that each person has a chance to speak and when a group gets too many members, some people take over while others get stuck in the background. This makes our Tuesday nights just for us. It's been a hard decision to tell others that they cannot join us.
However, this does not mean that we are limiting ourselves. We have been doing some group healings and while these early stages have been working on each other, there are plans to work with others. We all have clients or know someone who would benefit and it's been decided that we could use another time to work on someone outside the core group.
This past weekend we were taught to shapeshift to travel to another place to do a healing on someone who was in need. Afterwards we placed a call to the woman and she was raving about how much better she felt. Very interesting and exciting.
One thing that SW really advocates is prayer before and after a healing. I usually remember before the client shows up, then will remember to say one once I start working, but I seldom do one in the end. I'll set up the intent when I begin a healing by calling on good healing spirits and opening myself to the Light, but to actually pray before and after... Yes, I want to bring that aspect into my work.

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