Monday, November 09, 2009

The NH Open Doors Tour is over for this year. Naturally, I wanted more people to stop by but I am pleased with those who did come to see what I offer. I get much joy from the work that I do and when someone appreciates the photographs and drawings, I am even more pleased.

The sale of pieces is important, too, and not just because of the money. One reason is that it is crucial to keep a flow of goods. Life is ever changing and inventories need to move. It’s keeping a freshness to the work and allows positive energy to envelop the creativity. When my stock piles, I become less motivated.

Another reason that I like to keep things moving is because of my fascination of the life around me. I am excited by many subjects and I love sharing the joy that I feel; be it the intricacies of flowers, rusted metals buried in weeds, bits and pieces washed up on the shoreline, birds and critters and the natural beauty of the earth. Sharing the art is showing everyone how I find joy in every day.

I may be a bit crazy, but I want everyone to experience this part of life as I see it. I want others to feel the happiness that runs through me. I get up each morning wondering what joys I will find during the day and every time I look out the window or ride down the street, I am amazed at what my eyes observe. Beauty runs through my soul.

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