Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I’ve been very busy trying to build an inventory for this summer’s art show. The items that sell the best are my notecards. I enjoy doing these; nothing fancy, just a photograph printed on the front of the matte card and a little blurb on the back with information about the picture or about the photography. I crop a lot of my pictures to get close (someday I’d love to buy one of those expensive zoom lenses to get better close-ups of wildlife.) However, in cropping, I often cannot print a larger picture. Still, the notecard will show the delicacy of wings, the deep pool of eyes, or the intricacy of a flower petal.
I’m also doing a greeting card that is a little bigger than the notecards. These are “framed cards” in which a 4x6 glossy photo is inserted. With these, I have to decide between a black or white framed card. Either color adds something to the picture. I put an information label on the backs of these.
There are 5x7 prints, too, mounted and matted as 8x10s. I never know whether to advertise these as 5x7 for the photo size or 8x10 for the frame that would be needed. Occasionally, I’ll do an 8x10 print mounted and matted to fit an 11x14 frame. Again, I put an About the Picture label on the back.
My biggest items are charcoal landscape drawings. These are of a variety of sizes depending on how I cut the paper, but I am finding that my favorite size is under 11x14. These are almost always matted in black with a thin black frame. I like to keep the frame simple so the focus will be on the drawing.
I take pictures of a variety of subjects. It’s hard to say what are the favorites. Old barns are special as I am drawn to the textures in the wood, how it has weathered and decayed. Windows are intriguing because of reflections, distortion in the glass, or missing panes. I like getting angles on doors depending on light and shadow. Flowers are extremely fascinating because of the vibrancy of color and when I can crop close to see tiny details, I am amazed. I’d never looked so close to a flower. Wildlife, birds, pets… so much to see; cute faces, beady eyes, feathers, paws and claws, etc. I also like old, rusty bits and pieces, things that I find on the ground, foggy scenes… basically anything in nature.
I’m not into “posed” photography though I like taking pictures of people, too. The character of a person’s face is beautiful and I especially like to photograph older people. I don’t want someone “smiling for the camera” or even looking at the camera and I won’t keep a picture of someone if it isn’t a good picture. Of course, I enjoy the grandchildren the best. A couple of them are naturals when it comes to having their picture taken. The moment I pick up the camera, they immediately go into a pose. That’s fun. They’re fun.
I love what I do and I never leave home without my camera. I’ll stop often to photograph old abandoned buildings, wildlife, or flowers. Every day is an adventure because I never know what I’m going to find. Life is good!

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