Friday, March 24, 2006

In this time, this moment
I ooze possibility
Oh, Spirit
Let me manifest
these desires
Let my hands
mold the ideas like clay
Let the form be created
as passion flows
like a roaring river
In this time, this moment
I ooze possibilty
Oh, Spirit
Let me fill
to the brim
til the floodgates crash open
and words tumble
over eachother
in their hurry
to get to the page
Let the ink in my pen
run as smooth as my thoughts
In this time, this moment
I ooze possiblity
Oh, Spirit
Let no excuse surface
to dam these gushing waters
Let my entire being cascade
with the joy of creativity
Oh, Spirit
Let me remain open
til the last drop
is wrung
from my soul.
---S.Wolfe '06
With what would you flow?
How do you feel your creative juices?
Tell us what you would mold in your hands?

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