Saturday, March 18, 2006


Ticks? Ihate ticks! I used to spend a lot of time walking the trails of Odiorne or the Urban Forestry Center, but ticks are just so gross. I stay out of the woods now and that is sad.

Tick, tick, tick... the clock is ticking, my heart is beating... time passes and there is much that I would do. Life is one big adventure story and I love to explore. There is a burning desire inside me to share these stories and not just MY stories, but I want to hear your stories also.

Life isn't only about the physical escapades we go on, but the journeys within, too, and how those experiences shape the way we think. What you tell me may set me off on another lark and what I say may send you somewhere else. I find it interesting to delve fully into these experiences.

Eric A often uses the phrase "so exciting" to describe some menial work task, but for me, life itself is exciting... the bad times along with the good. I even look at how his irritating wording can send me on a trip into discovering why certain attitudes and situations set me off.

Oh yes, life is an adventure ride, that emotional roller coaster that is hair-raising and heart stopping. As much as I want to believe I can be calm, cool, and collected, I know I am not. I think everyone has seen me at my most... unfriendly moments... yet, many have also been around me when I am warm and loving. Do I have an answer as to why I am so up and down? No, because I change, can change, from moment to moment.

Tick,tick, tick... time is running out as it does for all of us eventually. Does it matter if I have not reached my goals? Does it matter if I am not successful? What do those words mean anyway?

Oh, there are so many things I want to do and so many excuses for not doing them. How do I choose just one in any given moment? (Well, I usually do, as most of you know, the one chosen is almost always writing.)

So what makes me tick? Doing this type of stuff, of course. "I write to live, live to write." But it's not as much fun to do it alone. Iwant to know things. I want to know if I am affected by such and such, how are you affected by it? What do you feel, when I am feeling so? I want to talk about this stuff. It gives me a more all around view, than just my own little narrowness (yeah, like I am narrow, ha ha.)

And so, my friends, who would write and explore...

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