Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sometimes it is important to look back on our younger years. Talk about these questions as you will, share what ever you wish.
  • What was your mother's name? What did she do?
  • Who was your father and what did he do?
  • Tell us about your siblings.
  • What about other key relatives in your early years?
  • Talk about a couple of events that stand out in your childhood.

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arithwyn said...

My mother's name is Marge. She was from Salisbury, Mass. and her early years was spent at Black Rocks which is/was part of Salisbury Beach where the Merrimac River meets the Atlantic. After the hurricane of 1938, the government came in and made the residents move.

My mom was a stay at home mom, though there were years she did make bows. I remember a man coming with material and mom would cut, cement, and fold. One time, she had her work board (something like a 3 foot by 4 foot board which she'd lay the pieces in rows, paint glue over them, then lay another piece on top,)over the gas stove. She didn't realize that glue was flammable and the board caught fire. Whooeeee, that was exciting. Luckily the fire was put out before any real damage was done.

Dad, George, was a carpenter by trade, but a hunter/farmer by heart. We had one of the best gardens in the town. His work was not steady, so oftentimes our meals were right from the garden and whatever he happened to shoot... like deer, rabbit, pheasant, racoon.

My brother, Don and I were the only two children in our family. My mother had a brother and sister and my father had a brother and two sisters (one brother had died when I was little.)

My mother was the force in our family teaching us to play games and follow rules... or make up our own rules. She taught us fairness in that even if you make up your own rules, those rules apply to everyone playing the game. She was very strict about cheating. She absolutely refused to play with anyone who would cheat. She taught us outdoor games like kick the can and hide 'n seek,and actually play with us.

My aunt Mags, my mother's twin, was in the army and every year came home for the month of July. At the end of her leave time, there would be a trip to the amusement park at Salisbury Beach. The Flying Horses was my favorite ride and I loved playing skeeball in the arcades.