Monday, May 18, 2009


I am listening to birds but with leaves on the trees, I now can’t see many. I did see five geese fly right over head. Oh, those times when I cannot pick up the camera fast enough. One of these days I will catch that shot.

Yesterday I worked on making a brochure to highlight some of the art work that I do. I also printed two 5 x 7 pictures of owls and I’ve mounted and matted them. I’m pleased with the outcome though I am finding another hurdle to overcome with white mats. No matter how careful I am, I often end up with a thumb print on the white and cannot get it off. I’m not sure I can salvage those smudged mats. I’m going to try to re-paint the entire mat.

Lessons in perseverance, I guess. Perhaps that’s the price for not going to art or photography school--- I have to learn by trial and error. Such as it is, and I’ll just add that to my list of “things to pay attention to” along with learning how to attach the pictures and matting to the mounting board. There are many adhesives, tapes, and dots out there and I’ve been experimenting with what works the best.

Then again, we all have things we are good at and some that we are not.

Today I’ll add an artist’s bio plus an excerpt from my poetry-picture book to the brochure. I also want to print two more pictures as I am building an inventory of photographs for sale. I also need to work on a write up for these pictures to tell people about the matted piece, the artist, and contact information.

I have quite a few ideas and it all involves work and outside of doing the actual art, everything else IS WORK… which I tend to avoid. My goal for this year is to put myself out there more and that means self promotion. I am considering opening a store on because I think I read that you can list things for three months which is more appealing than e-bay’s seven days (unless the item sells right away, of course.)

Gayle and I went to the Warner Arts Festival the other day and I can almost see myself set up with a booth. Almost. I did buy an E-Z Up last year but did not have the courage to go public. Everytime I attend one of the artisans fairs, I am more inspired. I CAN DO THIS! Perhaps if I build my inventory and get the pieces “finished,” I’ll feel ready.

Everyone is encouraging. Yes, I can do this!

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