Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The bird baths need cleaning.

I continue to struggle with choices. Many things interest me and I flit from one project to the next seldom finishing anything.

Unnamed weeds seemed to have grown overnight on the lawn.

Is this a form of self-sabotage? Is this a way to confirm that I am a failure? But I am not… not really. I love my life and I enjoy doing what I do. I just happen to like a lot of things.

The orioles are looking for jelly.

I make lists of the projects I want to do. I’m lucky if by week’s end I have checked off one. Two of my easels have unfinished charcoal landscape drawings on them. Those things I like to let sit for a few days before going back for touch ups--- they’ve been there over a week. Well, the weeks do turn into months.

I want to list a couple of cards on etsy.com.

I need to bring in some money to pay for these art projects, but I lack the motivation to research promotion. I don’t dare speak to store managers. I want to do the art work, but I do not enjoy the act of selling. It would be nice to have a manager--- but again, I’d have to be able to talk and sell myself.

The newest garden needs to be designed.

Last fall I had randomly planted flowers and now, before any more work is done in that area, I must come up with a design. Never being much of a gardener, I enjoy doing bits of it. It’s all small steps, and experimentation in what will grow and what won’t.

Perhaps the different kinds of mint should be put in containers.

I’m falling behind on the garden journal. I haven’t edited the last batch of pictures and I am about to download the recent ones taken. I have some gorgeous shots of the cherry blossoms which will make nice cards. I also want to have pictures and information on each plant that I have in my yard. I’m learning to take care of them.

I need to make a forward movement with my book.

I self published a book in December but I am not happy with the printing costs at lulu.com. I have been told about a local printer and an area editor thought that they could print the book at a much cheaper cost allowing me to sell at a lower price. I need to go there and talk to someone as I’ll need a new cover design and new isbn number.

Maybe I was wrong to try something different.

I’m a poet, photographer, and artist---basically a jack-of-all-trades and certainly master of none. The book is about life and contains poetry and pictures (photographs and pictures of some of my art work) and in a world where there are attempts to organize and categorize everything, my work doesn’t quite fit.

I need to make signs for my gardens.

I have ten grandchildren and ten sections of fence that borders one of the flower gardens. I named each section after one of the kids. I’m still learning what plants are there and have to keep counting fence sections to figure out whose garden I am working in. I am thinking about getting a little wood burning kit to put the child’s name on the cross beam of fence.

I could work on the bags.

A friend of mine gave me a couple of big boxes of upholstery fabric samples and I plan on making medicine or charm bags. I love the colors and textures and I bought quilting squares for the liners. I have enough material to last a lifetime. I have a clear vision in my head of how I want these bags to look. I just have to make the time to do them.

The boxes of beads are calling.

Everytime I look at my earrings I think that I need to re-do them. They were made at a time when I liked long, dangly ones and now I prefer short ones that won’t catch in my hair or collar. I could also be redesigning my necklaces to bring a newer sparkle to them. Maybe I could even make two sets of everything--- one to keep and one to sell. I really should be working towards bringing in some money to pay for all these supplies.

I find the most appealing pieces of bark and seed pods.

I have quite a collection of items to use in my multi-media combo projects and I haven’t worked on one of them for six years. Then again, my mom isn’t too impressed with them though I have great fun creating them. Ma’s criticism is… a killer to creative talent.

I could go on and as you can see, I can sit here and let words run rampant in my head. I can stare out the window and let the beauty of the field and mountains take me into other realms. It’s all about choice and right now I am going to choose to work on photographs.

Ahhh, life is so interesting.

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