Sunday, February 20, 2011

Living the Life of an Artist
Oh, the things that get in the way of doing your art… life, for instance. The focus breaks and it’s hard to get back into the mood. I can’t make myself work on my art when my heart isn’t in it. I will think about it, but the motivation isn’t there. A downward spiral begins, apathy sets in, and I get mad at myself for not doing any work.
One of my goals for this year is to get into a walking routine. I know that an hour or so outside will pump me up and make me feel alive. So yesterday, I planned to do an interview with some people going on a snow shoe tour. I couldn’t actually go because I hurt my knee earlier in the week.
I was eager to do the interview and had been planning questions in my head, but when I arrived, I felt tongue-tied and out of place. Here it comes up again… the solitary artist trying to fit in with a group. This happens to me time and time again. Writing is a major part of my art and most of it is done when alone, and yet, to get good stories, I must go out and talk to people. So, why do I crash in front of them?
I arrive home. Look at my other project on the easel, but I was feeling like a loser, so I picked up a book and buried myself in a story telling myself that there is plenty of time.
Yet, time is a factor to consider. I am older now. What if my time runs out and I’ve not finished my projects? If that should be, it will. What is important to me now, is that I work when I am in the mood. What’s important is that I keep working and take time to enjoy every aspect of this journey.

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