Friday, February 25, 2011

Living the Life of an Artist

What if I can’t keep up with the demand? This is a fear that bothers me; a seemingly stupid fear because the chances of that happening are quite nil. Yet, that is a concern. My stubborn mind-set tells me that as an artist, I can only work when I FEEL like working. For me to even be thinking of this “problem” is ludicrous because at this time in my artist’s career, the possibility of having my work at such demand is highly improbable.

I hold back from participating in other shows and I am unwilling to contact more galleries because if my work sold quickly, I’d have to buckle down and work harder to produce more. I’d be working, not for my own fulfillment, but to satisfy the demands of the gallery owners and customers. But we are talking about making a living here! How can I not be pushing ahead? Why in the world do I insist on making this harder than it is?

Perhaps I come up with these excuses to justify laziness. To make the issue a “fear” gives the excuse for not getting work done more validity. Admitting a fear is more acceptable than saying you are lazy. And yet, when I have an inventory of stock that hasn’t sold, how can I justify making more?

There are answers for all these questions. It’s really all about HAVING to be creative. You can’t stop just because your work doesn’t sell, nor will it cease because you are afraid. Somehow, some way, you find a way to keep going.

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