Monday, March 28, 2011

Because I've not written in awhile, I figured I'd do two today.

Living the Life of an Artist
“When you do art, you submerge yourself into your own reality, your own little world. You place yourself inside what you love about life. When you celebrate that place with discipline, sometimes it shows up and is right there with you.

But when I set aside my art for a few days, it gives me the cold shoulder. It walks away from me until I again show my good intent.”
   ----excerpt from Heron Dance, Reflections of a Wild Artist.

I often experience this and call it my belief about the Muse. When She comes and I pay attention, the creativity runs rampant and I am filled with joy and excitement at what I’m accomplishing. 

If I am busy and don’t take the time for the Muse, She goes away and might not come back for awhile. I am left feeling like I’ve disappointed Her. Once in awhile, She’s even a bit angry at my lack of attention to Her… my Muse has a bit of an attitude. She turns Her back on me leaving me with the feeling that I’ve missed out on something great.
I’m always grateful when She returns and once more our relationship is whole.

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