Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another cold day. At least this weather keeps my focus to these inside projects. I have so much to do: newsletter to put together, snowmobile article, and my website to update to name a few. The newsletter will be fairly easy to write and send in e-mail, but the snail mail will be tricky. This will be my first time at that and I've never made address labels before. The other article I can put off for another week.
The website is the hardest. I am doing a total re-vamp as my goal is to sell my art work. What makes it most difficult is that my talents are not focused in one area. I have poems and poetry cards, notecards of some of my photos, original charcoal landscape drawings, plus a few other pieces that I put together.
I am not very business minded and really struggle in the pricing of my art work and the promoting of the projects. Oh, I enjoy sharing the poems and showing off my accomplishments, but I am not good at getting anyone to buy. I am at the stage in my life now where I must push forward. I can't do any more work until I move what I have.

Even doing this blog is taking time away from something else, but I want to do this. Yes, it's another learning experience as I fight to figure out how this all works, but in the long run, it will be beneficial. I am hoping to meet other artists and writers as sharing life stories can be very inspiring. I like hearing about what others do and how they handle their situations.

And now I must get ready for my Tai Chi students.

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