Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The sky is a pale blue and the sun hasn't crested the tops of the trees. Shortly, I will be blinded and will have to put my curtains down. Ahh, it's coming, a dark orange arc rising above the snow covered evergreens. Now it is more round and still partially blocked by limbs. I am already squinting.
The robins are here. Can you believe it? January in NH and my backyard is full of robins. They are after the cherries which today are covered in ice. Between them and the cedar waxwings they will have the two trees bare within a few weeks.
Blogging is new to me. I had that initial foray when I first opened this site, but didn't keep up with it. This time I will link it to my website and hopefully open up some dialogue and thought.
I am doing this now because I have recently published a book. "My Life Isn't Flowers" is a combination of poetry, photography, and art--visit www.lulu.com to preview and/or buy.
I have been writing... forever... it feels and I can be quite introspective as I study this life I live. I am also an avid photographer and never leave home without my camera. Publishing the book has been an experience for me. I never wanted to deal with rejections so I wouldn't go the normal route and when a friend suggested I try lulu.com, I looked into it. So far, I am pleased with the results.
My goal is to share the work that I do. I believe that by telling our life stories and talking about what we learn, we can help one another heal. Even when one person responds that they like what I have written makes me feel that I've done my job.

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