Monday, January 26, 2009

They wanted someone to do the newsletter, but as I am not an avid snowmobiler, I struggle with finding my own words and have to rely on what others tell me and by the notes I take at the meetings. It stretches my creativity levels as many of the words are kind of foreign sounding to my ears. They talk about Tuckers and groomers and drags. They mention particular trails and conditions and they bring up names of people I've not met.

But I love to write and I agreed to the task. I'm glad to help and hope that it won't get too overwhelming and take too much time from my other work. I've never been much for volunteering, so perhaps this will be my way of giving back.
What is it about writing that draws me? Why do I prefer colored pens over telephones? One reason is that I can do it on my own time. Most of the time, I don't have to rely on someone else's input and can let the words fall from my thoughts. Writing is a way of avoiding direct contact. Not that there's anything wrong with direct contact, it's that I get distracted and won't say or won't get to say everything I would like to. Sometimes when I am face to face with someone, emotions will get in the way of speech and the mind and throat will choke.
I do my morning journaling with colored pens. Color is a celebration! I am a pen fanatic and I buy a set of pens at least once a month whether I need them or not. I particularly like gel pens--- when they work. It seems, however, that at least one in a set doesn't write well and no matter what I do, it will still skip and not be smooth.
For years, I hand wrote all my articles before putting my hands on the keyboard. I still struggle with reading the screen, but these days I do more writing directly on the computer (except for my journaling.) Oh yes, I am learning to take the shorter, quicker route.
Poetry still must be handwritten first. There is something about the act of writing that brings forth that type of creativity. Perhaps it is being bent over the page as compared to sitting straight up. It's certainly a different kind of energy that comes with a poem--- almost feels like poems evolve from another part of the brain; right brain, left brain kind of thing.
Anyway, such as it is. These are my thoughts today.

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