Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sometimes when I have so much to do I feel overwhelmed. I have to pull back and remind myself that it's okay to take small steps. I don't have to accomplish everything now. It's not going to happen anyway so why worry about it. In these times I just keep telling myself that I will be satisfied with whatever I get done.
I have my writing group this morning and my focus has to turn away from the self. The wind is whipping snow squalls around the house and across the fields and I am wishing I did not have to go out. I can easily get lost in looking out the window but even the birds are silent this morning. Perhaps they are staying in their cozy warm beds. Do birds have cozy warm beds?
Copies are made and critiquing is done. Pretty soon I'll have to move from this spot. I'm just about out of coffee anyway and I like to have my morning two cups. Today the first was Gloria Jeans Butter Pecan and I am thinking I'll have Van Houttes Creme Broulee for the second. Yummy. Since Adam introduced me to Keurig K-cups, I totally enjoy coffee!
Other thoughts that are on my mind this morning are about organizing and selling my notecards and poetry cards. I also have a bunch of photos on the camera that need to be downloaded. These are the shots of birds I've been working on and the latest are of the owl that has become Nelson's mascot. Those should make some nice cards.
And thus I babble on. Killing time because I don't have time to get involved in any project. I am still hoping to get into dialogue with others and have people respond to my postings. Though why they would want to respond to this drivel is anyone's guess. But I put the intent out there and I invite correspondence to mainly talk about life journey, healing, and the arts.
I am a simple spider sending a vibration along the unseen web calling to like minds...

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