Monday, February 23, 2009

At times I feel we're in the middle of a hurricane. The winds are whipping around the house harder than ever. The snow bank along the walkway outside the dining room window looks to be five feet from the wind creating a huge drift. I have to go out in a little while and shovel. I'm not looking forward to it.
Got in some great snowmobiling this weekend going out both days. Adam came up with Megan on Saturday and Don and Carol showed up. Henry came over with a helmet for Megan to borrow. Turned out to have purple and pink just like her snow suit. Henry drives a 2-up so he easily carried Megan and after adjusting hats and helmet so she could see, we were ready to be off.
Took a break on Lake Todd to allow Megan a chance to drive the machine. That girl showed no fear and took off across the lake with Adam following on Carol's sled. Henry graciously let Adam take his machine so that Megan could ride with her dad. We continued on to Sutton. Megan was having a blast and when she was periodically asked if she wanted to go back, would declare, "Keep going!" We reached King Hill??? near sunset and the view was spectacular. It was an awesome ride and we were out longer than planned. Adam and Megan enjoyed themselves.
Yesterday Don and Carol came back up with her brother, Dan. Henry also joined us and we headed to the Groomer Rodeo in Washington. After trying to eat a half raw burger, we decided to make the loop through Pillsbury. Tim and Kevin joined us and that made a nice-sized group. The trail from Eccards to the Washington store was a washboard and that uncooked hamburger wasn't settling well on my stomach, but once we reached groomed trails, I was better. I was disappointed that we didn't stop on one of the ponds so I could get pictures of everyone zooming around.
All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the riding. It was snowing quite heavily by the time we got back. As soon as the groomers get out, the trails will be awesome. For me, though, I have shoveling and snowblowing to look forward to... yea...awwww. It always looks like it'll be fun but once I get out there, ugh, especially when the wind blows the snow back onto the paths. Such as it is. We live in New England. At least it is pretty again.

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