Friday, February 13, 2009

The wind howls and rattles the screens making viscious sounds like angry wolves trying to get in. The noise dies and I wait as it creeps around the house searching for another way to get to me. I pull my wrap tighter. In the moments of silence, the crows and blue jays fill the void with their raucous calls. I need to go out and rescue the fallen bird feeders but I choose to sit here in the warmth.
Today I take Ma to the urologist. I hope they take that catheter out--- so does she, although she has loved having people wait on her. She doesn't like it when I try to get her up and moving around. She called Mags, her twin sister, yesterday and Mags was trying to talk her into moving into the nursing home so they could be together and "have fun." Mags was having a good day, alert and pain free.
My mind is kind of quiet this morning. I have Tai Chi in a little while so I need to keep an eye on the time. I cannot get involved in any projects, though there's still lots to be done. I need to get back to making some notecards as I do sell quite a few of those. Somehow I still can't wrap my mind around how to actually promote them, group them, advertise them.
One thing I did accomplish yesterday was framing two more drawings. I had received my other order, but I still seem to be missing the mat for the Milkweed Pods. I don't know why I'm not getting that one done! I have measured it numerous times. Hey, at least I have two more pictures ready to go up on the wall.
Got a different frame with this latest group and I'll have to see which I like better. I also received the replacements for the items that were damaged and will have to work with those. I'm really pleased with how they look when hung and can't wait to get the remainder of the original drawings on the wall. Then I can start new drawings.
This has given me time to consider the technique of the originals. I definitely like the smaller drawings better. That might be because I tend to have more open space in the larger--- the ones that fit into a 16 X 20 frame. My style isn't doing a lot of small detail, but in making an illusion of detail which really shows in the drawings which fit into 11 X 14 frames.
One of the things that I find very interesting is that I can make multiple drawings from looking at one photograph and each will look different although the place can still be recognized. I'd like to keep working a bit more with that concept, yet there are so many more drawings to do using other pictures. I'm even considering doing a scene and adding a snowmobile to it and donating the drawing to the local snowmobile club. I want to do one of those for my brother for Christmas next year (meant to this past year, but never got around to it.)
Hey, maybe I could even do consignments. I could lay out a few different backgrounds and people could choose which one to have their snowmobiler drawn on. Because it's a charcoal drawing, it wouldn't be a portrait per se because there would be a shadow image and no real details of the person making the drawings generic... kind of. Hmmm, still thinking this out.
Well, I'm off to other things. Wish Ma and I luck today. She's been feeling really good the past two days except for having that catheter. Let's hope she gets a clean bill of health.

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