Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have a heavy TO DO list and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm only about half way through the editing of the 300 pictures I took on Saturday. That's a slow and tedious process but at least I am feeling better about the photos. I've deleted the bad ones and now that the others are being cropped, the shots look pretty good. Hopefully others will agree.
I also have people waiting to see photos that were taken the previous week while out snowmobiling. I got them edited, but not into an album format that I do for family. The album can also be a tedious task as it takes time to arrange and size the pictures to the pages. Then I will have to print four copies.
More snowmobile club work will be in typing up minutes to the last Trails Meeting... which I'd like to get done before Thursday's BOD. It's also time to start working on the newsletter. The club printer got delivered yesterday so I will be able to put out many copies to snail-mail to club members without internet access. I'll have to fold and staple pages, print address labels, and place stamps on over 60 copies... maybe Ma will help.
And what about bills? Have I managed to get them paid this month? Only the ones I do on-line. We had another oil delivery yesterday and I haven't written the check for the last one, yet. When will I ever learn! Every month I say that I will write the check the moment the bills come, but I still set them aside and next thing I know, another month has passed. I keep saying that someday I'll learn, but you know what they say about someday--- "and some daaay never comes."
I agreed to be part of a new artists group being started in town and we have a first meeting this afternoon. (Like I need to take on anything else.) I haven't come up with any ideas. I have a foot massage appointment right afterwards and tonight is another Healers' Meeting. Tomorrow and Friday mornings are Tai Chi and I have to fit grocery shopping in sometime for the dinner group Friday.
Do I sound like I'm whining? Sorry. I'm my own worst enemy, I know. There's plenty of time during the day and whose fault is it if I sit and play games with Ma or read or watch tv? I make these choices in my life and I find it kind of interesting that I keep making the same "mistakes." It's not that I don't know or am not aware. I know these bills are due and I will still set them aside. I agree to be on these committees and enjoy doing the work. I love the Tai Chi and energy work and the sharing of healing information.
I'm so lucky that I don't have to leave the house to go to a "real" job. How would I ever get anything done? (Ha ha.)
What do you do during times of feeling overwhelmed?

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jerzegirl said...

I get overwhelmed frequently and am suffering from it right now.

My daughter has stuff in the basement that needs to get thrown out. My granddaughter left her room a disaster that I've been working on... but getting nowhere.

Last night I came and my husband had this BIG ASS TV in the living room. It's a giant flat screen console w/surround sound. Beautiful and expensive...

I'm grateful that his boss gave it us... however my husband didn't move the old TV and all of the stuff.. and this monster TV is out in the middle of floor...

I am overwhelmed with cleaning that needs to be done.

I am taking one section at a time. Looking at just one part of the picture. If I didn't I'd go nuts.