Thursday, February 05, 2009

We were told there were no available beds in either Concord or Dartmouth. Here was my mother, bleeding, having had a blood transfusion, and they still couldn't get her to a place where she could get the specialized care that she needed. I couldn't help but fear that she would die while waiting to get that help.
The 96 year old lady in the next bed had gone home so I pulled the chair near that bed closer to Ma who told me that the urologist had just left. He wanted her in Concord and stated that HE'D get her a bed. I sure hoped so.
Oh, I could have easily gone to sleep. After chatting with Ma an hour and a half, I figured I'd go home. The nurse came in announcing that they had a bed in Concord, but she had gotten a phone call at the same time saying not to count on it. However, five minutes later she was back with two LPNs with bags to gather up Ma's stuff. "Get ready, you're going," JoJo announced and by the time I was walking down the hall, the guys were wheeling a stretcher into Ma's room.
It was as if a huge load was taken off my shoulders. Ma would be taken care of and they will find out what has been causing her problems. She will come home!
Another cold day. I went off to a meeting last night and never heard from the hospital or Ma. Don and Carol were going to see her which was good and would please Ma. I'll call in a little bit to find out her room number and what and when the procedure will be. Outside of feeling really tired this morning, I do feel a lot better about this whole episode. Maybe I can get a little extra work done around the house this morning, although I should take a run to the nursing home in Newport to visit my aunt Margaret, my mom's twin. I haven't wanted to tell her about Ma because I've not wanted to worry her--- though twins will know things.
I'll have to push myself today. I've had this opportunity to get things done and I've not been motivated. It's hard, too, when time has to be split running back and forth to the hospital. Perhaps I can hang some of the newly framed charcoal drawings on the wall. I could dig out the dumpster so I can put in the trash. I might go down stairs to the studio, too. I Should pay the bills or get ready for my writing group on Saturday by printing out and critiquing the writings.
Maybe if I move around, do a little Tai Chi dance, I'll have more ambition. I'd really like to lay down for another hour, but I won't. I'll push and have a good day.

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